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  • Sammal­lahdenmäki Bronze Age Burial Site

    The Sammallahdenmäki Bronze Age Burial Site is located approximately 20 kilometres from the city centre of Rauma. The site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999.

    The Sammallahdenmäki Bronze Age Burial Site and its cairns form the largest and most varied burial site on the Gulf of Bothnia and provide an example of the era’s monumental architecture. There are 36 burial cairns at the rugged and rocky World Heritage Site. The first archeological studies in Sammallahdenmäki were conducted in 1891, in which four cairns were discovered, including the quadrangular cairn known as the “Church Floor” and the wall-like formation known as the “Long Ruin of Huilu”. In 2002 eight cairns were excavated in Sammallahdenmäki and burnt human bone was found from six cairns. These finds prove that burials were made in the cairns.  

    Sammallahdenmäki Burial Site is protected by the Finnish Ancient Ruins Act and The Finnish Heritage Agency is responsible for the protection of the Site. The city of Rauma is responsible for the maintenance of the site, this is done in cooperation with the private landowners, The Finnish Heritage Agency and other authorities.

    Approximately 11,500 tourists visit Sammallahdenmäki every year. The burial cairn site can be accessed for free throughout the year, and guided tours in the area are arranged on business days in July. Bus routes from Old Rauma to Sammallahdenmäki operate in the summer.


    Hanna-Leena Salminen
    Chief Curator
    + 358 44 334 3525

    + 358 2 834 3512


    UNESCO – Bronze Age Burial Site of Sammallahdenmäki
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