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    The association releases bulletins and other current publications, provides training services and conducts studies, surveys and initiatives concerning the development of World Heritage Sites.

    The purpose of the tourism research project, initiated in 2017, was to collect comparable data on all World Heritage Sites and create a uniform tourist management system for all sites. A corresponding study will be carried out approximately every four years. The study was arranged to meet the goals of the National World Heritage Strategy of the Ministry of Education and Culture concerning raising general awareness of World Heritage, developing cooperation between the sites and researching the effectiveness of the sites.

    The cultural tourism project, initiated in 2018, provided a natural solution to the need arising from the tourism research project for the development of cultural tourism products for the sites and online access to information about World Heritage. The continued funding of the project enabled the reinforcement of the marketing channels of the World Heritage Sites and the development of site-specific indicators of sustainable tourism. The aim of the cultural tourism project is to meet the goals of the National World Heritage Strategy concerning expertise, accessibility and sustainable tourism.