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    The Association of World Heritage Sites in Finland represents the sites of Finland on an international level. Cooperation with other Nordic sites is particularly active.

    Nordic World Heritage Association

    The Nordic World Heritage Association (NWHA) was established in 2016 in Iceland. The purpose of the Nordic World Heritage Association is to govern the implementation of the World Heritage Convention in the Nordics. The member associations include all national World Heritage Associations. The representative of Finland is the Association of World Heritage Sites in Finland, which includes all seven World Heritage Sites in Finland.

    One of the best-known events arranged by the association is the annual Nordic World Heritage Conference.

    In 2024 the Nordic World Heritage Conference will be organised in Petäjävesi and Jyväskylä, Finland (2.-5.9.2024). The theme of the conference is ‘World Heritage: From Interpretation to Communication’.

    More information about the Nordic World Heritage Association’s activities and all sites in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland can be found on the association’s website.