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    What is World Heritage education?

    The purpose of World Heritage Education is to raise awareness of World Heritage and why it is so important to preserve World Heritage Sites. World Heritage Education helps increase general knowledge of nature, culture and history. It is a part of global education and sustainable development. The aim of World Heritage Education is to encourage future generations to preserve our shared heritage.

    Educational material on World Heritage Sites in Finland and World Heritage Education

    The Our Shared World Heritage online exhibition allows you to learn more about all sites in Finland before visiting them. The exhibition is ideal for both school groups and tourists. The website includes exercises and answer examples in Finnish, Swedish and English.

    Site-specific educational material about World Heritage

    You can visit the Suomenlinna fortress in your living room or a classroom with the Skyview aerial view service. You can learn more about the site from a bird’s eye view and visit the tunnels of the fortress, for example. You can choose between a winter and summer view.

    The History of the Buildings of Suomenlinna map lets you learn more about the different eras of the fortress from a variety of photos, texts, illustrations and an interactive aerial view. The map also allows you to peek behind closed doors and view areas inaccessible to regular tourists.

    The Kvarken Archipelago website includes information and a variety of educational materials on the site’s geology, nature, cultural history, management of the site’s World Heritage and the High Coast in Sweden.

    You can learn more about the surroundings and the interior of the Verla mill museum on the Verla Skyview aerial view service.