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    The wooden town area of Old Rauma is located in the centre of Rauma. The site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1991.

    Old Rauma is the largest wooden town area in the Nordics that has retained its integrity, and its authenticity is based on a well preserved historic urban fabric, including the medieval street networks and urban planning that are still functional. The current area of Old Rauma was established after the fire in the city in 1682. The oldest buildings of Old Rauma are from the 18th century. Today, the area is a historic living environment to 800 inhabitants. There are more than 600 buildings in an area of 29 hectares in Old Rauma, most of which are owned by private persons.

    The World Heritage Site is administrated by the City of Rauma, which is responsible for the zoning, infrastructure and tourist information services of the site. Objectives concerning the preservation, renovation and development of Old Rauma are defined in the local detailed plan of the area. The implementation of the detailed plan is supervised by a specific Old Rauma committee appointed to approve all projects in the area that require a permit. The Old Rauma committee includes representatives appointed by the city administration and experts from the Finnish Heritage Agency and the City of Rauma.

    The Old Rauma wooden town area offers a variety of services for locals and tourists alike. Approximately half a million tourists visit the site every year.


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